WELCOME.  I’m Mitchell Rothstein, known as “Magic Mitchell,” and I’ve been working and performing as a professional magician since age 11.  I’ve been featured on CBS, Fox News, Good Day Philadelphia, the front page of “The Philadelphia Inquirer” (the first magician to do so),  the front page of “The Courier Post” (also a first), and more.  I perform private, public, and corporate shows throughout Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York.

Later in 2015, you can see me worldwide in over 170 countries on a new show for The National Geographic Channel featuring the science and technique behind my straitjacket escapes.  (Apparently, I hold the unofficial world record for the fastest escape by a child; it’s unofficial because, rightfully so, no one recognizes a world record involving the restraint of a child…even if it’s supervised.)

My specialty is close-up magic (particularly cards and cups and balls), parlor magic, and escapism.  I do not use trick decks, “gimmicked,” or rigged tricks and everything I use is always open and available for inspection.

Even though I’ve been lucky enough to perform in some pretty incredible places, what I’m most proud of is my charity work, especially with the Philadelphia Flyers since 2013 and their annual “Fight for Lives Carnival,” and the Ronald McDonald House since 2011.  During the summer of 2015, I will be running the “Magic Mitchell Kids’ Kamp” at the Ronald McDonald House in Camden where, instead of performing, I’ll be teaching kids magic and helping them put on their own show.

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Enough Cards for a Week, 2009